The following items are offered by High Desert Leather, not by UBG Holsters.  They are offered here as a convenience to the customer.
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Shoulder Holster  
Our shoulder rig was designed for comfort and concealment.  Note the long panel on the back. This is a more expensive way to make the shoulder rig comfortable. It distributes the weight of your gun across a larger area and lowers the bottom strap attachment minimizing binding and harness ride up.    

Our harness is made with elastic on the bottom two straps this enables a comfortable fit. You can move about in comfort because the elastic stretches and moves with you. The two top straps are made of soft webbing that does not bind and also moves with you. All of the straps are adjustable without the use of post screws or placement holes.

The holster rides horizontally for concealment and ease of drawing your weapon a thumb break holds the gun in for safety and is nicely molded high quality cowhide.

The magazine pouch rides vertical and angled slightly forward.  It is open-mouthed with tension screws so you also adjust your magazine pouch tension. It is nicely molded of high quality cowhide.

Color: black only

Ankle Holster

The ankle holster is molded to fit your gun and comes with a thumb break snap for security. The holster wraps around your ankle with hook and loop fastener and has many adjustment points. The ankle wrap is padded with genuine sheepskin wool.

Smaller frame guns work best in ankle holsters.

Color: black only

For pricing and wait times, contact Tim Start at High Desert Leather.


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